Comedy Nights with Kapil Shrama Indian comedy show details and HD Youtube videos

‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ is an Indian comedy show telecasted on Colors TV channel. This show is based on sketch-comedy (various comic scenes of short time interval). It has a very good number family audience as it has no obscene conversations or scenes. Comedy Nights with Kapil is presented and produced by Kapil Sharma himself under K9 Productions. This show was earlier telecasted twice a week but now its a weekly show. ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ has become the highest rated TV serial of India within a month of its launch. TRP (Telivision Rating Point) of this show was calculated higher than KBC and Big Boss.

Comedy Nights with Kapil Cast and crew-

  • Kapil Sharma as Host in character of Bittu Sharma.
  • Navjot singh Siddhu as permanent guest.
  • Ali Asgar as Bittu’s Grandma Dolly.
  • Sumona Chakravarti as Bittu’s wife.
  • Upasana singh as Bittu’s aunt Pinky.
  • Sunil Grover as Guththi and other different characters.
  • Kiku Sharda as Palak and other various characters.
  • Paresh Ganatra as various characters etc.

Directed by- Rajeev Dhingra.*
Written by- Heera, Shahaad, Raj and Dinesh Kumar.*
Produced by- Kapil Sharma (K9 Productions)
Presenter- Kapil Sharma.
Broadcasted on- Colors TV Channel (by Viacom 18).

Comedy nights with kapil HD wallpapers and pics poster Kapil Sharma

Comedy nights with kapil Poster

Famous Characters on Comedy Nights with Kapil-

Sunil Grover as Guththi.
Kiku Sharda as Palak.
Ali Asgar as Daadi.

Comedy nights with kapil HD wallpapers and pics Navjot singh Siddhu

Mr. Navjot singh Siddhu as Judge cum permanent Guest

Watch all HD YouTube videos of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Some interesting details on Comedy Nights with Kapil-

  1. Comedy Nights with Kapil was started on 22nd June 2013 and being the highest rated non-fiction TV serial of India, won the Indian Televison Academy awards of 2013 in best actor and best show category.
  2. This show contains 5 sections of Sketch Comedy-
    a). Stand up by Kapil Sharma.
    b). Family interactions.
    c). Questions from audience.
    d). Celebrities for magazine (promotion of an upcoming movie or event).
    e). Interactions of audience with favourite stars and Guththi-Palak conversations.
  3. The set of Comedy Nights  with Kapil is situated in Film city, Lonavala. Earlier it was at Film city Goregaon but after an accident, it was rebuilt at Lonavala. Click to KNOW What happened to CNWK’s set..??
  4. You can watch each and every video of CNWK at by clicking given link-

    All episodes of Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma Youtube Videos.

*- This information is taken from internet and Author is not supposed to be liable to verify this.

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